This is one of my inspirations that got me painting.  Holmstrum's Landing on Shoal Lake, Ontario


Information on Art and Purchasing

GENERAL- My website exhibits current and sold works.  All work are original and my medium of choice is acrylic.  If you are interested in a piece that does not fit your space or if the piece has sold, please feel free to contact me.  I may have a piece that may work and is not currently shown on my website.  

Pricing is according to canvas size of per square inch.  The cost of any piece will the same at all galleries.  Framing is an additional cost and will be reflected in the overall price of the piece.

Due to the increase of fraud for purchasing art, purchases will be through representation

If you are interested in viewing a piece and/or purchasing, please feel free to contact me or a gallery that I am affiliated with.

STYLE- Frequently I get asked "What styles of painting do you do?" and my response is always, "One.....My style".  But if you are talking in traditional terms I paint "realistic impressionism".  I try to paint not just what I see but what I feel from the scene by working with colors and details in unexpected ways.   l dance between cool and warm colors in a pattern working from foreground to background.  You may discover interesting colours and details in unexpected places when you're looking closely at my work.

MATERIAL- I use only the finest quality materials for my work to maintain the archival integrity.  It is important to me to use premium quality acrylic paints for professional artists.  Brands I prefer is Golden and Liquitex.  The canvases I use is 100% cotton (acid free) 3/4" thick Gotrick Deluxe Collection, 1 1/2" or 1-3/4" Gotrick Gallerie Collection.  All canvases are manufactured from Quebec, Canada.  All pieces will have an isolation coat and then a layer varnished.  The isolation coat will allow my pieces to be cleaned and/or varnish layer to be removed, protecting the acrylic paint.

FRAMING - All pieces are not framed as that is very personal. All edges are finished with paint.

HANGING YOUR PIECE - My work is meant to be viewed 4 to 10 feet which is dependent on canvas size.  But you can also view my paintings up close as there are hidden and unexpected details that might surprise you.  As my paintings are very colorful, they can be hung in any light but indirect sunny areas brings out the details of the true color pallet and the dance between them.

COPYRIGHT - Copyrights of all original Work and Photos belong to the Artist, Tracey Kucheravy.  All lifetime Work, sold and unsold belongs to the Artist and/or her estate.  Copying or reproduction of the Artists Work is against the law and requires written permission from the Artist or her estate.  If you have further questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me.