The Lake Exhibition 2017


From Shoal Lake to Lake of the Woods, THE LAKE rejoices in the font of inspiration that nature delivers to featured artists Tracey Kucheravy and Melissa Jean. Their works offer us a joy and understanding of this environmental gift, through their creative yet observed depictions of rich and serene ecosystems. Instinctively, we sense that being near water makes us healthier and happier; it reduces stress and brings us peace. We long for the solace of where water meets land and sky, and these paintings reflect that same attractive and restorative tranquility.

Rooted - Supplementary Artists Program (SAP) 2016


This September, Woodlands Gallery is launching a new initiative called SAP! To meet your demand for local work from local artists, this supplementary artists program will feature contemporary emerging artists from Manitoba for a limited engagement. This mutual experiment provides artists with gallery exposure and builds on our mandate to support Canadian artists. Rooted, the inaugural exhibition, features artworks from Geneviève Levasseur and Tracey Kucheravy.

International Mail-in Art Exhibition 2016


Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Award Winners 2016 - Second Place in Show

International Mail-in Art 2016


Second Place in Show for FCA - "Shoal Lake Study 1",  Acrylic on Board

Scenes from Western Canada 2015


Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), SFWC Award Winners 2015 - First Place in Show

Scenes from Western Canada 2015


First Place in Show for FCA - "The Muse, Bear Valley Highlands", Acrylic on Canvas